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As all fans know, there are two types of cards for the cars Scan2go. A power and turbo. However, having access to these cards has a cost!! Thus, after much research on the subject, I discovered how the bar code is built, allowing us to build our own cards! Simply print the codes created on cardstock, laminate to be stiffer and voila! I take to refer to the "source" from which obtained the information base that deepened after
Figure 1

Thus, if we look at the cards (Figure 1) (both in power and turbo), we can see that they comprise (from left to right) of two thin bars, ten bars which may be thin or thick and a "fat" bar at the end.
 Figure 2Again, from right to left (figure 2), the first three bars identify the beginning of the card, the following four bars identify the car, five bars indicate the level (power or turbo) and a final thick bar that identifies the end of the card.To better explain the workings of the code, I use a binary code based on "0" and "1". The "0" represents the thicker bar and "1" the thinner bar. For instance, the previous card would have level "00000" and the car "0000".Let's start with the cards of turbo that are the simplest.In these cards the identifier is always "0000", just differ in the level, so these cards are used on all cars. There are six different levels of turbo. Each level identifies the number of times the power (from the power card) is applied.Thus, for the maximum level of turbo (level 6)  the code is "01010". This gives rise to the following code (Figure 3).
Figure 3The other codes relating to other levels follows:
Level 1 Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
As already explained, the card with this code is used in all cars. For convenience, here is the card already constructed (Figure 4).
Figure 4
In the case of power card, in addition to having to set the level, also have to set the car. Here is the list of codes for each of the cars. Thus, the power cards are specific to each car.

The codes for all levels of all cars are listed here in an excel sheet.

Finally, and to facilitate the construction of cards, here's a link to an Excell file  that automates the entire process of creating cards. Have fun and, if possible, add information that you will find useful!

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